Tailor-made solutions that fit your specific needs

Every customer has specific needs and specific goals. ANDROME manages complex projects with its Solutions Department. The focus lies on creating customer value.
ANDROME has built up experience in a variety of businesses and industries. ANDROME's focus lies on projects in the areas of Telecommunication, Interactive Multimedia, Mobile Development and E-Business.


Our extensive expertise in a wide range of telecom software development technologies is at your disposal. Let us assist you in taking your telecommunication skills to another level.

Interactive Multimedia

By developing high-end interactive and consistent applications, we grasp your customers focus and transform it into business value.

Mobile development

As an innovative company we are able to deliver apps that are fully compatible with all available platforms (IOS, Android, Web, …). With Androme as your software partner, you can rest assured that your business reaches the full potential of the mobile world.


With experience in both e-business and mobile and web development, Androme will create an all-in one solution enabling people to shop and buy whenever and wherever they choose. Reach the full potential of online customers, make your business grow!

Innovative & high-tech solutions

ANDROME's pursuit of continuous improvement and advancement is naturally reflected in the commercial projects that ANDROME performs. This dedication to research and innovation, in combination with ANDROME's highly skilled and professional workforce, offers you the best guarantee for innovative and hi-tech solutions. We always combine an in-depth functional analysis with rapid prototyping. We target usable, scalable and secure applications. Fixed date. Fixed costs.

ANDROME has gained a very broad know-how and expertise during the last few years, including but not limited to:

Tomcat RDK PostgreSQL Java EFL - Enlightenment Apple Android NodeJS AngularJS HTML5 CSS Linux Microsoft FreeBSD