DANISH AIR TRANSPORT selects AVIOBOOK™ as their electronic flight bag software solution. AIR SUPPORT and AVIOVISION team up to link PPS Flight Planning with the AVIOBOOK™ EFB Software...
Xite, het Nederlandse digitale muziek tv-station is uitbreid naar Vlaanderen. Xite vervangt MTVN HD en TMF Dance in het basispakket van Telenet. Xite zit bij Telenet in het basispakket...
ETAP is launching a new version of its ETAP Safety Manager (ESM) software...
Yelo, zo heet de nieuwe boorling van Telenet. Het is een platform om televisie en films te kijken over je eigen draadloze wifi-netwerk op je pc, iPhone en iPad...
Kortrijk geeft het officiële startschot voor LeYLab, een proeftuinproject rond fibre to the home...
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ANDROME is an innovative ICT-company, offering high-quality software solutions.

As a center of excellence in ICT, ANDROME has become the preferred software partner for innovative and hi-tech solutions for both large multinationals and SMEs. ANDROME's customers all share the need for state of the art, sound and solid solutions which support them to grow their respective businesses.

Androme Activities

ANDROME focuses on three domains of expertise:

  • Telecommunication: Audio/Video communication applications.
  • E-Business: Advanced E-commerce applications and tools.
  • Interactive Multimedia: High-end interactive applications focused on user experience.

Within these three domains, ANDROME offers different possibilities to deliver the best solution for your company:

  • Products: Customizable off-the-shelf products to allow a fast and easy integration into your business.
  • Subcontracting: We provide the best tailor made solution to fit your specific needs.
  • R&D: The core of our software innovation lies at our research team.
ANDROME brings you innovative software in the fastest and most flexible way possible.